Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday bash part two!

Gatlin was fortunate enough to have a second birthday party on his actual birthday this year. We got together with my Dad, Grandma, and Aunt and Uncle at Gatlin's favorite place, Peter Piper Pizza. He got some really great gifts to include:

Some early reader books, which he read every night until he'd read them all, and read them all by himself!!

A cool T-shirt from New Orleans from Hojo

And.. the biggest hit of them all...

A cool robot bank! Boy, was he ever excited about this!

He just kept saying "I love my robot bank!"

Putting all his change in that Great Grammy Ross gave him.

Then, it was time to hit the games! The best game of all was actually a ride. You sit in these seats and watch a movie filled with turns, bumps, and drops while the seat moves along with the movie and a high powered fan blows in your face to make you feel like you're moving. Gatlin must have ridden it about six times!

Gatlin and Hojo, two lovers of rollercoasters and all things thrill related!

Gracyn wants to get on too!

Gracyn getting some love from Hojo
What a fun day we had and so much love surrounding us and our birthday boy. We are so blessed!


Buffalo Bill said...


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Drew Watts said...

Seems great birthday bash and your family have enjoyed a lot. We are also planning family treat on birthday party of my husband at New York venues. It will be a surprise party for him, and I am sure he gonna love the arrangements.