Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday bash part two!

Gatlin was fortunate enough to have a second birthday party on his actual birthday this year. We got together with my Dad, Grandma, and Aunt and Uncle at Gatlin's favorite place, Peter Piper Pizza. He got some really great gifts to include:

Some early reader books, which he read every night until he'd read them all, and read them all by himself!!

A cool T-shirt from New Orleans from Hojo

And.. the biggest hit of them all...

A cool robot bank! Boy, was he ever excited about this!

He just kept saying "I love my robot bank!"

Putting all his change in that Great Grammy Ross gave him.

Then, it was time to hit the games! The best game of all was actually a ride. You sit in these seats and watch a movie filled with turns, bumps, and drops while the seat moves along with the movie and a high powered fan blows in your face to make you feel like you're moving. Gatlin must have ridden it about six times!

Gatlin and Hojo, two lovers of rollercoasters and all things thrill related!

Gracyn wants to get on too!

Gracyn getting some love from Hojo
What a fun day we had and so much love surrounding us and our birthday boy. We are so blessed!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture time

We've been taking a lot of pictures with our new camera lately and some are just too cute not to share. So, here you go!

Easter dress

Fun with a slip-n-slide!

First time wearing a bow without a headband. Grow hair, grow!!

Ok, this one wasn't taken with the new camera because we were at the hospital. This is Gracyn in her one-size-fits-all scrub top getting ready to have a VCUG procedure done. She did very well and everything came back normal!

Trying on big brother's silly hats

Gatlin's goofy face!

Sibling fun

And not to be forgotten...
Scout turned 12 years old June 15th

Sortie striking a pose!

Gatlin's fifth birthday bash

My son is five years old and I am having a difficult time believing it. I can not tell you how fast the time has gone and I know it's only going to go faster!

Gatlin decided he wanted to have a Super Mario Brothers birthday party this year. We decided to have it at a new pizza place right up the road from us and, what a wonderful place it was. The play room wasn't too big and we had our own private party room complete with our own party person to help with food and cake. We had Tina, one of Gatlin's friend's mom, make Gatlin's cake and cupcakes and I was completely blown away! She should definitely go into business and I would be her regular customer! Fantastic!!

We had a special birthday shirt made for Gatlin to wear on the big day and had invitations made to look like VIP passes complete with a lanyard for the kids to wear during the party.

Billie, Kyle, Mike and I stayed up late the night before the party blowing up balloons and drawing eyes on the star balloons to make them look like the invincible star from Super Mario Brothers.

I found mini Gameboys filled with Mario Brothers gummies to anchor the balloons and to give as party favors.

We even had my mom act as a bouncer with dark glasses and a flashing wand she used to allow the kids access to the party.

But, the ultimate highlight of the day was when Mario (aka Kyle) made an appearance at the party just in time for the cake. Kids and adults alike were thrilled and the girls that worked at the pizza place asked Kyle to make an appearance at their 21st birthday party! Hmmmm, I see a potential side job for Kyle if this whole flying thing doesn't work out. ;)

Gatlin's precious teacher, Ms. Leslie, made it to the party!

The kiddos

Gatlin and his good buddy, Jeremiah

Even the adults had fun!

All in all, I think it's a day that Gatlin will not soon forget and I know Kyle and I won't either.
Gatlin, I am so proud of the boy you have become and love you more than you can ever imagine.

Birthday celebration at the farm

I am trying to catch up on blog posts so some of these will be a little outdated, sorry.

We went up to the farm the weekend after Mother's Day to celebrate Coach's 92nd birthday this year and had a wonderful time. It is always so relaxing up there and so much fun to be had for all, but especially, Gatlin (and Kyle). Fishing, feeding the ducks, shooting guns (well, not Gatlin), and visiting with family. The trip up and back is always long but the time together is worth it all.
My wonderful hubby got me a brand new camera for Mother's Day! I guess my hints on a previous post were well received. :) Here she is.. isn't she a beauty?
So, all of the following pictures were taken on the new camera. Now all I need to do is take a photography class so I can learn how to get the most out of all this baby can do!

Doc giving Gracyn her first solid food.. a grape! We were all hovering until she bit off a piece and I am quite certain she had three adult fingers in her mouth simultaneously as we all rushed to get it out of her mouth before she choked!

Gatlin's fish.. doesn't he look thrilled! He loves to fish but hates to be close to the fish once he pulls it out of the water.

Gracyn and Frenny

My beautiful baby girl

Loving her brother

Gracyn and Grammy

Helping Coach read his birthday card

Feeding the ducks

The wonderful farm and the ducks gorging themselves. Thanks Gatlin!

Snuggling with Gigi and showing off her new favorite skill.. sticking her tongue out!